What we do

 What is the MPTA (Manhattan Plaza Tenants Association)?
It is required that buildings such as Manhattan Plaza have one representative organization for residents.  That organization must be formed according to certain criteria. In 1978, after meeting those criteria, the MPTA was formed making it your legitimate and legally recognized voice.   What does that mean?  The MPTA is the only organization which is considered to be the representative body for Manhattan Plaza residents by HPD (NY City agency which is MP’s “contract administrator”), HUD (Federal Agency responsible for MP’s project-based Section 8 subsidy),CGI, MP Management and Related Companies. The MPTA is the voice of the residents..
The MPTA hosts a variety of events throughout the year.  Elected officials speak at our meetings frequently.  Our seminars often draw a  crowd.  We have many subcommittees hard at work to continue to nurture the wonderful community that is called the Miracle on 43rd Street.

Every Tenant is a member of the MPTA and is welcome at all meetings.

To help keep our records up-to-date, we ask that tenants fill out the contact form below.  You can also fill out a form at the next meeting.  The MPTA operates through the support of tenants only.  If you are able, we gratefully accept donations. These donations help us supply tenants with the newsletter and website, underwrite various programs for residents and other expenses that may arise.  All outflow is reported monthly to at the MPTA meeting.

Newsletters are written as often as possible.  We do our best to ensure that newsletters are delivered to your door.

MPTA Suggestion Boxes:   Located in each lobby and clearly marked “Manhattan Plaza Tenants Association.”  Notes that are not signed with contact information cannot receive replies.

To keep current with Manhattan Plaza issues, watch for our postings on the MPTA lobby bulletin boards.  We encourage residents to read the bulletin boards for current updates and postings.  We also suggest that you read and save the MPTA Newsletter as well.
Thank you for your support, and welcome to the Manhattan Plaza Tenants Association.