Practice rooms

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ORIENTATION:  In order to use the rooms it is mandatory to go through an orientation. You must be 18 years old or 16 with a parent cosigning at the orientation.  To request an orientation use the above e-mail address. One of the room monitors will contact you and brief you on the guidelines. The brief orientation takes place at the 10th Avenue desk.

ADVANCE RESERVATION PROCEDURE:  Advance sign in for the week opens Saturday mornings at 11:00am. A week runs Monday through Sunday. You are allowed to reserve 5 slots per week, of which two can be double- length slots. In order to reserve the double slot you must have 3 or more people in your group. You may not reserve the same time slot more than two times per week which also includes both double-length slots. Only one rehearsal a day is allowed. To reserve a time slot print your name in the left hand column followed by your building and apt. number and number of people in your group.

When you come to use the room:  Print your name in the right hand column. Leave your cardkey with security and when you return the room key security will return your cardkey. You can also sign for the bathroom keys. Bathrooms are located in the basement. Sign the white binder for the bathroom keys.  A 10 minute buffer is included within the hour and a half hour time slot for individuals to pack up and return equipment, chairs, and music stands to the storage area.  It is mandatory to leave the room BEFORE the next time slot begins. You are not allowed to ENTER the room until your designated time.

LAST MINUTE SIGN IN AND CONTINUED PRACTICE: This is on a first come first serve basis. If no one has reserved a slot you may do a last minute sign in at the appointed hour or half hour not before. Print your name in the far right column along with LM, Apt # and # in your group.  Likewise if you complete your rehearsal and return to the desk and see the next time slot is available you may use the same procedure only use CP to denote continued practice. If someone is over twenty minutes late to sign in for a slot they are considered a no show and you can take that slot. Tape over their name and write no show. Sign in on the right hand side with apt# and # in your group. These slots do not count as part of your reserved slots. If you need to cancel please do it prior to your time. Place a strip of tape over your information. Frequent no-shows and cancellations are considered a violation.

LATENIGHT: After 11:00 pm rooms are available on a first come first serve basis. NO GROUPS ALLOWED. No more than TWO PEOPLE ALLOWED. Sign in on the back of the day sheets and sign out when you return the key.


Only water allowed in the spaces no food no other drinks. 

Only you can sign to reserve a slot. Spouses or roommates are not allowed to sign in for you.

No more than 12 people allowed in the space without prior consent of the committee.

Do not prop open outer lobby door under any circumstances.

You are responsible for the behavior of your guests and must be present at all times.

Drum sets are not to be moved.

Repeated infractions will earn you a suspension from room privileges (e.g. missing time slots, violating reservation rules or misuse of the spaces and equipment, at the discretion of the practice room monitors.

Vandalism smoking drinking or any other illegal activities will be reported to management or the authorities.