The aim of the Environmental Committee is to create and maintain green initiatives within Manhattan Plaza.  From recycling to composting to gardening, it is focused on reducing the carbon footprint of our community.

Recycling at Manhattan Plaza

Wondering what goes in what recycling bin? Click here for guides to recycling at Manhattan Plaza.

Organics Collection at Manhattan Plaza Is Here!

MP is now enrolled in NYC Organics Collection. Tenants can now deposit organics (primarily food scraps) in designated collection bins, called brown bins, that will then be collected by NYC’s Sanitation Department and taken to a composting facility instead of being dropped into a landfill. Click here to find out what you can and cannot deposit in the brown bins and how to store your food scraps before putting them in a brown bin.

Tip: Try to deposit your food scraps in the brown bins every few days instead of saving them up for several weeks. You’ll have more room in your freezer or kitchen food-scrap bin and will keep the outdoor brown bins from filling up too quickly.

Find the brown bins for your building:

400 Building: Outside the second-floor plaza entrance against the low concrete wall (43rd Street side).
484 Building: Outside the third-floor plaza entrance against the brown railing (42nd Street side).

New York’s Plastic Bag Ban starts on March 1, 2020
Get ready making a habit of bringing your on shopping bags with you. Learn more about this law at www.dec.ny.gov/chemical/50034.html.

Books & Media:

Recycle paperback books with mixed paper and cardboard. Hard-cover books cannot be recycled. If you can’t sell or donate them, they must be discarded in regular trash. OR take your paperbacks and hard-cover books to a Book Exchange at Manhattan Plaza. Organized by tenant Julie Ridge, these events happen twice a year in the Ellington Room. Tenants bring weeded-out books and media to the exchange and are free to pick up “new” books and media. Look for alerts for upcoming events.

Cassettes and VHS tapes and CDs are problematic to recycle. The Lower East Side Ecology Center works with an organization that recycles these items and will accept them through its neighborhood e-Waste drives (we have one coming up in the spring/early summer). There is a small fee for recycling these items.

If you self-produce your music, check out CD jackets made of recycled material.

Art From Recyclables

Laura Acosta, an Environmental Committee member, made this ornament by curling recycled paper and gluing it onto a backing of cardboard painted silver.

Watch the LES Ecology Center’s Founder, Christine Datz-Romero on the Brian Lehrer Show!

What happens to the paper we put in the bin: